Program curriculum is flexible and coursework is completed during the first two years of the doctoral program to allow for maximum time spent working on research in the student’s selected advisor’s laboratory.

The following core courses are required of all students in the Ph.D. program:

BMED 545 Research Laboratory Rotations 3 cr.
BMED 593 Current Research Literature 1 cr.
BMED 594 Seminar 2 cr.
BCH 600 Advanced Cell Biology 4 cr.
BMED 605 Biomedical Research Ethics 1 cr.
BMED 609 Biomedical Statistics 3 cr.
BMED 661 Neurosciences I 4 cr.
BMED 662 Neurosciences II 4 cr.
BMED 697/699 Research/Dissertation 20-30 cr.**

* Students without preparation in biochemistry must take BIOC 481/482 as a pre-requisite to BMED 600.

** A minimum of 20 credits is required by the Department for the Ph.D. degree.

A maximum of 30 credits may be applied toward the 60-credit requirement for the Ph.D.

Ph.D. students will take at least three of the following courses, according to research interest:

BMED 610 Neuropharmacology 3 cr.
BMED 646 Neurotoxicology 3 cr.
BMED 667 Topics in Neurobiology 3 cr.
The following are examples of additional elective courses available to meet student interests:
BMED 582 Research Seminar 1 cr.
BMED 615 Molecular Pharmacology 3 cr.
BMED 621 Medicinal Chemistry 3 cr.
BMED626 Research Methods Biochem Pharmacololgy 1-3 cr.
BMED 630 Pharmacogenetics 3 cr.
BMED 635 Academic Development Seminar 2 cr.
BMED 641 Toxicology I - Principles of Toxicology 4 cr.
BMED 642 Toxicology II - Toxic Agents 4 cr.
BMED 643 Cellular and Molecular Toxicology 4 cr.
BMED 644 Immunotoxicology 3 cr.
BMED 645 Respiratory Toxicology 3 cr.
BMED 646 Neurotoxicology 3 cr.
BMED 647 Topics in Toxicology 1-3 cr.
BMED 657 Topics in Immunology 1-3 cr.
BCH 581 Physical Biochemistry 3 cr.
BCH 582 Proteins and Enzymes 3 cr.
BIOC 586 Advanced Molecular Biology 3 cr.

Additional Courses are available through other Departments. To learn more, go to:

Course Descriptions - Choose Term, then Subject: e.g., Biomedical/Pharmaceutical Sciences; then push the Get Courses button.

To determine course number for Research Credits, go to the Course Search page. Pull down the “Subject” menu item and choose Biomedical/Pharmecutical (BMED), Biochemistry (BCH) or Biology-Microbiology (BIOM) and type “”Research” in “Course Title” and hit “Search” button.  Individual faculty members act as Instructors for courses numbered 570 (Intro to Research; for first-year students) or 597 (Research).