Faculty & Students


Howard D. Beall

Dean Emeritus, Skaggs School of Pharmacy

Mechanisms of toxicity of novel, targeted anticancer agents.

Celine Beamer

Research Associate Professor

Yoon Hee Cho

Associate Professor

Development of Epigenetic biomarkers for inhaled air pollutants and lung disease

Douglas Coffin

Professor of Molecular Genetics

Developmental toxicology: Stem cell differentiation, molecular and genetic basis of mammalian growth and development.

Andrij Holian

Professor, Director of Center for Environmental Health Science

Zeina Jaffar

Research Assistant Professor

Christopher T. Migliaccio

Research Associate Professor

Mark Pershouse

Associate Professor

Liz Putnam

Chair, Professor

Understanding the control of protein production related to lung fibrosis, using asbestos-caused fibrosis as a model system.

Kevan Roberts

Associate Professor

David Shepherd


The Shepherd laboratory is interested in understanding how environmental pollutants (Dioxins, PCBs) affect dendritic cells, the professional antigen presenting cells in the body.


Deborah Agbakwuru

PhD Student - Toxicology

Jacob Albright

PhD Student - Toxicology

Ava Orr

PhD Student - Toxicology

Jessica Ray

PhD Student - Toxicology

Kristopher Short

PhD Student - Toxicology