Andrij Holian

Professor, Director of Center for Environmental Health Science

Personal Summary

Dr. Holian attended Bowling Green State University, where in 1971 he received a B.S. in Chemistry. He received his Ph.D in Chemistry from Montana State University in 1975. Following positions at the University of Pennsylvania and Villanova University, he moved to Texas and joined the faculty of the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston in 1984. During his tenure in Houston, Andrij rose to the rank of full professor and became the Director of Research for the Mickey Leland National Urban Air Toxics Research Center.  In July of 2000, he came to the University of Montana to serve as Director of the Center for Environmental Health Sciences in the Department of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Field of Study

The primary focus of the laboratory is the elucidation of the molecular and cellular mechanisms of lung injury (inflammation and fibrosis) from a diverse array of agents including bleomycin, silica, asbestos, urban particles (metals), ozone, smoke particles and acrolein.  A common element in the actions of these agents is the apoptosis of alveolar macrophages.  We are investigating the role of apoptosis as an early and regulatory step in the etiology of lung disease and propose that preferential apoptosis of suppressor macrophages leads to the formation of an inflammatory state in the lung.  Current research areas are to characterize the mechanism(s) of macrophage induced apoptosis by the above agents and to test the hypothesis that ratios of different macrophage populations regulate inflammation and immune activity in the lung.  This work examines surface receptors, such as scavenger receptors, for the particles; signal transduction pathways (particularly tyrosine kinases and phosphatases, as well as transcription factors such as NF-kB) and caspases in macrophage apoptosis and characterization of human alveolar macrophage subpopulations.  In addition, our work is also evaluating the role of heme oxygenases and stress proteins as antioxidants and protection against apoptosis by oxidant stress.  These studies are being examined using traditional tools in a cell biology laboratory including transgenic and knockout mice and human subjects.  The goals of the studies are to develop strategies to identify subjects at greatest risk of developing lung injury, develop new methods to prevent or halt to progress of lung inflammation and evaluate the risk of human disease from environmentally and occupationally-derived toxic agents.

Selected Publications

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