Foster Care Video Series

Intro to Foster Care Video Series

In this intro video Haley discusses why she had an interest in this project and how she hopes to honor the lived experiences and knowledge of those who have lived in the foster care system and those who have cared for someone who has.

Aging out of Foster Care: Allen's Story

Allen lived in the Montana foster care system for 2 years. He has a lot of wisdom to share with young people living in the system.

Fostering Success: Gabrielle's Story

Gabrielle entered foster care when she was 13 years old. She is now 21 and works with youth aging out of the foster care system. This is her story.

Managing Mental Health in Foster Care

Ash shares about their own experiences with mental illness and how foster parents and professionals can support young people struggling with mental health issues.

Parenting after Foster Care

After aging out of foster care, Gary became a dad. In this video, he talks about his experience of parenting after living in foster care.

Finding Home: Jazz's Story

Jazz shares a little about her journey to getting adopted by her mother Melissa. She has some comforting words to share with other kids and young adults living in the foster care system.

Supporting LGBTQ Youth in Foster Care

Ash talks about how foster parents and professionals can support LGBTQ young people who are living in the foster care system.

Melissa and Jazz's Story

Supporting Youth in Foster Care: Gabrielle's Advice

Gabrielle talks about how foster parents can support foster children, particularly as they are preparing to age out of the system and transition to adulthood.