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 The Center for Children, Families & Workforce Development closely follows developments in Montana’s public policy and delivers regular updates on policies proposed by both state and federal governments. We strive to provide an understanding of how policy changes may impact Montana’s children and families, and we work to identify practices and policies that create strong, coordinated partnerships among youth, families, communities, treatment service providers, advocates and policymakers. Successful collaboration helps ensure that comprehensive services and supports are available to improve the lives of young people and families in our state.

What the Center was tracking this session:

75 bills relating to children and families

  • 20 bills were passed by the legislature and became law with the Governor's signature.
  • 41 Bills failed because they were tabled in committee. Bills that are tabled in committee ultimately fail by missing the deadline for transmittal between the chambers or when the legislature adjourns Sine Die. 
  • 9 Bills were voted down in a full vote in one of the chambers.
  • 4 bills passed by the legislature were ultimately vetoed by the governor.
  • 1 bill failed due to the legislature passing adjournment Sine Die. 


Montana state government is divided into three branches under the Montana Constitution:

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