Research & Evaluation

The Center works alongside Montana agencies and leaders to promote the health and well-being of Montana’s children by conducting high-quality research, evaluation, and technical support. As research and evaluators, we are committed to enhancing the capacity of Montanans to make data-driven decisions, implement culturally relevant evidence-based programs, and translate research and evaluation findings for the practice field. 

Research Services and Examples

The Center brings our unique lens of a multi-disciplinary team of Montana to conducting program and workforce evaluations for human service, justice, education, and health care organizations. Knowing no evaluation is “one-size-fits-all,” we work with partners to develop evaluations that meet their reporting requirements and organizational/institutional needs. We strive to work with partners to increase internal capacity to continue evaluation and/or data-driven decisions after the study when developing evaluations. 

Previous studies have used data to analyze how specific program activities, training curricula, and/or workplace culture have impacted desired outcomes and organizational performance.

We offer the following Evaluation Services and Support:

  • Building Evaluation Capacity
  • Designing Evaluations
  • Collecting Data
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Usage and Dissemination

The following reports provide recent examples.

The political landscape of Montana is as diverse as the 145,556 square miles of the physical landscape. Our team strives to provide nonpartisan information to engage Montanans on the local, state, and federal policy levels with accurate, timely, relevant information.  We have a deep commitment to leveraging resources and partnerships to maximize coordination between systems to serve our families better.

Fidelity and Implementation Science: Tailored assessment, project management, and evaluation of initiatives or interventions implemented as intended. 

Track Innovation in Policy and Research: Identify best practices, evidence-based programs and policies, and case studies to support local and statewide work.

Revenue and Resource Maximization: Track the funding coming into the state; identify opportunities to leverage new funding, and identify areas to grow and utilize the state's resources.

Topical Briefs: Prepare research and policy briefs to inform action at the local and state level.

Responsive to state needs: Provide strategic thinking and action-oriented projects to support the state of Montana’s leadership to implement the most impactful and cost-effective solutions.

Rural areas, such as Montana, have significant gaps in data collection, data sharing, and data interpretation systems compared to our urban neighbors.  We strive to support partners in developing user-friendly, accessible, and action-oriented data collection and reporting. Our overall goal is to support a culture where data is fundamental to how Montanans conduct business.

Data Analysis: Variety of analysis plans for qualitative data (verbal/oral/written) from interviews, focus groups and/or case reviews and quantitative data (numerical).

Data Systems Design: Collaborate with organizations to design data collection tools, policies and procedures, quality assurance checks, interpretation, and analysis.  

Data Visualization: Create interactive, engaging, and focused data visuals in the form of dashboards, reports, and other interactive methods to highlight priority issues, tell stories, and make data accessible and understandable for all Montanans.

Montana is notorious for hiring outside consultants to provide evaluation and assessment.  However, these consults often do not understand Montanans' unique history, culture, and diverse values.  We are committed to honoring the unique experiences and lens of all groups we work with and using our local knowledge of Montana and research expertise to meet their goals.

  • Needs Assessment Design and Execution
  • Report Generation and Dissemination
  • Research Study Design and Planning
  • Scientific publications
  • Survey Construction
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Our Work


Data into Action Toolkit

Online learning modules and resources to support individuals, organizations, and community groups to increase access, understanding, and data utilization to assess community needs and evaluate the impact of interventions.

Research and Data Education Videos

Short and often humorous videos for exploring common data terms, research methods, and statistical tests with Montana-based program examples. 

If you are searching for specific data that is not available here, we may be able to help—email