The Center is partnering with the University of Missouri for the evaluation of the Montana implementation of PAX Good Behavior Game. PAX is an evidence-based program consisting of behavioral health strategies delivered by teachers in the K-5 classroom setting. It promotes self-regulation, mental health, social and emotional learning, and substance use prevention, among other benefits.

The Center’s role is not only to evaluate the effectiveness of this program in Montana classrooms but also to support teachers, schools and communities to sustain PAX for more peace, productivity, happiness, and health.

Introduction to PAX

Learn how teachers can gain an hour a day of instructional time, simply by implementing the ten evidence-based strategies used in the PAX program. 

Coaches Corner

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For those of you now teaching your kids at home and helping them through school, we first want to say, kudos to you! We know these times are challenging and home schooling can be hard. We have some awesome resources to help support you! Check out our PAX strategies for families:

 Week 1 Strategies for Families


The Center's PAX team:

Alison, Kate, Carol, and Kim


School Implementation — Where is Your School?

Each stage (exploration, installation, initial implementation, full implementation, and sustainability) includes resources to support you as you carry out PAX in your school. To determine where your school is in its implementation of PAX explore the stages below by either clicking on the header image to access all the resources for each stage or the links below for the individual resources.