Program Evaluation

The Center has expertise in conducting program and workforce evaluations for human service and health care organizations. Previous studies have used data to analyze how specific program activities, training curricula, and/or workplace culture have impacted desired outcomes and organizational performance.

We offer the following Evaluation Services and Support

Building Evaluation Capacity
  • Support communities to increase knowledge and skills for evaluation and data utilization.
  • We do this through in-person training, virtual sessions, an online evaluation toolkit, and a repository of videos.
Designing Evaluation(s)
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to develop evaluation frameworks that will produce reliable results and sustainability planning.
  • We do this through supporting the creation of needs and readiness assessments, fidelity checks, and exploratory and pilot program assessments.
Collecting Data
  • Investigation and creation of tools to ensure high-quality and secure data collection from research stakeholder and participants.
  • We do this through survey design, focus groups, quantitative coding, mixed methods analysis, and utilization of archival and pre-existing data.
Data Analysis
  • Support partners in exploring evaluation results to ensure they are reliable, easy to interpret, and actionable.
  • We do this through the use of statistics package programs, expert consultation, data visualization software, and technical reports.
Data Usage and Dissemination
  • Prepare community partners to communicate results in the form of data-driven decision making, legislative updates, and member data sharing.
  • We do this by supporting the creation of data dashboards, supporting research communication strategies, and aiding in actionable dissemination plans.

The following reports provide recent examples.