Using Drugs and Alcohol

Parents often worry about their child's potential use of illegal substances and fear the possibility of addiction. The legalization of medical marijuana in Montana, legalization of marijuana in neighboring states, and increased availability of methamphetamines and heroin have provided greater access for youth and more challenges for parents. If you suspect your child is using illegal substances, seek help from a licensed addiction counselor who specializes in substance abuse treatment for adolescents. The resources below identify possible warning signs and provide helpful suggestions.

Fact Sheet

How to talk to your kid about drugs if you did drugs


 Drug Paraphernalia Course:

The Center's course on drug paraphernalia and common drugs will equip you to better recognize drug paraphernalia.


Electronic Resources

Prevention Tips for Every Age. Techniques for talking with children from preschool through college about substance use and drugs. 



Preventing Teen or Young Adult Drug Use: How to Talk with Your Child

This article covers how to talk to your child about drug use in a way that fosters understanding and breaks down barriers. 

What is Exactly is the Juul?

E-cigarettes are on the rise among young adults. Learn more about Juuls and how to identify.

Information about codeine 
Information about all types of drugs. 

Additional Readings

Fact Sheets

Identifying Early Warning Signs: Addressing Youth Substance Use. Conrad N. Hilton infographic.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration digital factsheet library about teens and SUD.

'Drug Facts' a factsheet series National Institute on Drug Abuse for Teens substance fact sheets series.

Finding Quality Treatment for Substance Use Disorder. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration factsheet.





Addiction Policy Forum overviews the value of substance use prevention for youth.

Recommended Books for Parents

Go to a site that sells the book, Beautiful Boy  by David Sheff
Beautiful Boy
by David Sheff


Go to a site that sells the book, We all Fall Down by Nic Sheff
We All Fall Down: Living with Addiction
by Nic Sheff