The Center wants to help Montana communities apply for grants that fit your unique needs and dreams. The resources on this page can help. You can also contact the Center directly. Email with questions or requests for help.

Find grants. The tables under Current Grant Opportunities list grants from multiple sources. The grants have been filtered for their relevance to Montana, with special emphasis on rural communities. The grant tables are updated at least twice a month.

Develop grant-writing skills. The Toolkit for Grant Writers is a short training on the fundamentals of putting together a grant. The Toolkit outlines the information typically required in grant applications, with suggestions and examples.


Apply for grants. The Center can provide concrete help with your grants. Send requests for grant-writing help to

  • We welcome requests to research grants for specific projects or areas of need.
  • We provide technical assistance with finding data, developing evaluation plans, and editing.
  • We can also provide grant writers for up to 10 grants per year.

Current Grant Opportunities

These grant listings are updated at least twice a month. The Local, Tribal, and Public Health grants documents include three tables: the first table lists grants with upcoming due dates in the current federal fiscal year (October 1 through September 30); the second table lists grants with multiple or rolling deadlines throughout the year; the third table lists all the grants that have passed their deadlines for the current fiscal year. All grant tables are downloadable Word documents.

Local Grants

local grants

Tribal Grants


Public Health



statewide grants

Resources Full listing of federal grants. Community Blog  List of training webinars plus a blog to educate grant writers on the ins and outs of federal grants.

Rural Health Information Hub  Continually updated grants list for programs that promote health and well-being in and for rural communities. 

990 Finder  A database of 990 tax forms from private foundations, public charities, and other nonprofits who fund all kinds of community work. Search 990 forms by organization name, state, or zip code to learn more about who funds what in your area.

Philanthropy News Digest  Search funding opportunities across a wide range of subjects – from agriculture, to mental health, to arts and culture. Most of the funding is earmarked for specific cities or states.

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