The Center provides training, financial support, employment, and career development to UM students.



The Center trains students to understand the needs of high-risk children and their families and helps cultivate the set of skills needed to ensure that the immediate and long-term needs of children and their families are adequately addressed. The knowledge and skills students gain from the program helps create a cadre of well-trained professionals, able to assume the professional roles and responsibilities required of a social worker. Key elements of the Center's commitment to students:

  • Advanced training and preparation
  • Financial support -Title IV-E Stipend Program
  • Employment obligation
  • Career development and support through a practicum experience

The Title IV-E program provides stipends to students who are committed to the field of child welfare in the state of Montana. Students must be accepted into the BSW and MSW program to be eligible. Students who are selected receive a stipend per semester. After graduation, they are required to work as a salaried employee for Child and Family Services Division for six months for every semester the stipend is received. 
For more information contact Kerrie Ghenie at 406-544-0525 or at
Before beginning the application, you may want to view a video produced by Kansas Child Welfare.  While there are some differences working in Montana, basic job responsibilities will be the same. 

Funding varies each year, depending on the State's access to federal matching funds.  In the past, we have supported Bachelors of Social Work students with stipends of $7000 per year and graduate students with $15,000 per academic year (two semesters).  You must be a second year full time or part-time third year MSW student to be eligible. 

Child and Family Services Division Employees are eligible to receive a stipend of $15,000 per academic year for up to two (2) years.  CFSD employees must be accepted into the MSW program and have approval of the Regional Administrator to be eligible. 

Stipend awards are contingent upon the institution's receipt of Title IV-E funding and students eligibility. 

To apply, complete the online application form and submit three letters of reference to Kerrie Ghenie.  BSW students', visit the Undergraduate Students page.  MSW students', visit the Graduate Students page.