CSFD and Foster Parent Modules
Foster Parent Training Modules
BIA Training Modules


The Center's training modules provide ongoing opportunities for professionals, parents, and caregivers to learn new knowledge and skills. These modules are developed by experienced professionals and UM professors who are highly skilled in providing behavioral health, educational, and social services to children, youth, and families. They can be accessed at any time and at no cost.

Most of these training modules provide a link that directs you to a short quiz. The quiz covers content from the training, including attached documents, videos, and external links. Quiz scores of 80% or higher allow you to print a certificate of completion.  

To view the materials in the training modules, you may need to install a multimedia player if one isn't already on your computer. Additional system requirements for viewing the modules using Adobe Presenter© are:

  • a high speed, broadband Internet connection (slower connections can cause modules to load slowly and/or the viewer to experience technical difficulties)
  • Firefox web browser is suggested (some users have difficulties watching modules when using Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari)