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A wide range of professionals in systems such as education, law enforcement, health and mental health care, social services, and justice serve the needs of children and families who require more intensive levels of education, treatment, and care. The following Training Modules provide opportunities for these professionals to receive additional training in targeted areas to increase their knowledge and develop new skills.   

Participants completing the modules can choose whether or not to receive a certificate of completion. Some participants have had buffering issues when trying to view these modules in Chrome, Explorer, and Safari. We recommend you use Firefox if you experience this issue. If you are experiencing issues, please contact us at  

The Resource Library for Professionals also provides a variety of educational materials to help improve your knowledge. The videos, podcasts, and fact sheets can be downloaded and viewed on mobile devices. 

Additional resources can be found on the Policy, Research and Data and Grant Writers links.

Training Modules

Child and Youth Development training module
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