Tips for Graduate Students

Tips for graduate students registering for classes:

Graduate students must register for between 9-12 credits.  9 credits is the minimum. (A special exception is allowed for students who wish to obtain residency in Montana: please contact the Graduate School.)

To determine course number for Research Credits, go to:

Course Search

 - pull down the “Subject” menu item and choose Biochemistry (BCH) or Biology-Microbiology (BIOM) and type “”Research” in “Course Title” and hit “Search” button.  Individual faculty members act as Instructors for courses numbered 570 (Intro to Research; for first-year students) or 597 (Research). 

Seminars/Data Club courses 

BCH 594 - Professional Seminar

BIOB 565 - Membrane Dynamics Res Sem

BCH 547 - Exptl Mol/Cell/Chem Biol

BIOM 545 - Adv Topics in Microb Ecol

BCH 561 - RNA Structure & Function

BCH 562 - Amyloid Disease

BCH 694 - BSD Seminar

BMED 581 - Research Seminar Biomed

BMED 582 - Research Seminar Neurosci.

BMED 583 - Research Seminar Toxicol

BMED 593 - Current Research Literature

BMED 594 - Seminar

Graduate academic courses are offered every other year.   

Courses offered Autumn Semester (odd years)

BCH 584: Nucleic Acids (3 cr)

Courses offered Autumn Semester(even years)

BCH 582: Proteins and Enzymes (4 cr)

Courses offered Spring Semester (odd years)

BIOM 509: Advanced Virology (3 cr)

BCH 581: Physical Biochemistry (3 cr)

BIOB 509: Principles of Light Microscopy (3 cr)

Courses offered Spring Semester (even years)

BIOM 502: Advanced Immunology (3 cr)

BCH 600: Cell Organization and Mechanisms (3 cr)

Additional courses are available through other departments. To learn more, go to:

Course Descriptions

 - choose 'Term', then 'Subject' (e.g., Biomedical/Pharmaceutical Sciences), then push the 'Get Courses' button.