Systems Neuroscience

Systems Neuroscience is a subdiscipline of neuroscience which studies the function of neural circuits and systems.  It is an umbrella term, encompassing a number of areas of study concerned with how nerve cells behave when connected together to form neural networks.  At this level of analysis, neuroscientists study how different neural circuits analyze sensory information, form perceptions of the external worlds, make decisions, and execute movements.  Researchers in systems neuroscience are concerned with the relation between molecular and cellular approaches to understanding brain structure and function, as well as with the study of high-level mental functions such as language, memory, and self-awareness (which are the purview of behavioral and cognitive neuroscience).  Systems neuroscientists typically employ techniques for understanding networks of neurons while they function in vivo (e.g. electrophysiology (single or multi-electrode recording), in vivo imaging, fMRI, PET). 

Systems Neuroscience faculty are listed below: