Reproductive Health/Family Planning Curriculum

In Montana and the majority of the Rocky Mountain West reproductive health is often far from where women live; women drive great distances in order to have an abortion, to have colposcopy and LEEP procedures, to have LARC placed and to have miscarriages medically and surgically managed.  Clearly there is a need to train more providers who will integrate these services into their practice to serve the communities in the rural West. 

FMRWM is committed to providing residents with the training needed to serve rural communities, and to implement and sustain a full spectrum reproductive health curriculum including abortion training.

Objectives of this elective longitudinal rotation:

  1. Expose all R1 FMRWM residents to medical and procedural first trimester abortion care (as an opt-out experience), pregnancy dating using ultrasound (US), and long-acting reversible contraceptive (LARC) insertion and removal. This includes observation time in clinic, procedural workshops, and didactics.
  2. Train all FMRWM residents to provide supportive, non-judgmental pregnancy options counseling to pregnant patients/couples/families
  3. Conduct didactic and experiential training around integrating medication abortion (MedAB) and medical and surgical management of early pregnancy loss into family medicine practice for all residents
  4. Our Reproductive Health Concentration (RHC) trains 3-4 R2/3 residents per year to competency in safe provision of medical abortion up to 11 weeks, and aspiration abortion up to 12 weeks; early pregnancy dating with US; and LARC insertion, removal, and management.
  5. Support and empower graduating residents to integrate abortion care into future practice in a provider shortage area through a “Bridging to Practice” curriculum.