Elizabeth Paddock, MD

FMRWM Faculty

elizabeth paddock cross country skiing.

Where did you attend medical school?

Albany Medical College, Albany New York.

Where did you do your residency?

University of Wisconsin Family Medicine Residency in Madison, Wisconsin.

Within your specialty, do you have a sub-specialty interest or area of practice that you particularly enjoy?

Obstetrics, reproductive health, inpatient medicine, point of care ultrasound. 

Do you have any other post-graduate training?

I was an Academic Fellow at the University of Wisconsin from 2011-2012. Interests and projects during my fellowship included: Geriatrics, residency curriculum development, preventive medicine, a pediatric obesity project, women’s health, a reproductive health writing group, international medicine, and a primary care faculty development fellowship program.

    As faculty I have completed 2 additional faculty development yearlong courses: Through WWAMI and Madigan Family Medicine I have a faculty development certificate; and through STFM I have completed an Emerging Leaders Fellowship. 

What do you most enjoy about practicing Family Medicine?

Families! I love putting the pieces together as I get to meet and take care of more members of a family. I also  love the continuity of care with my patients and working with them through major events in their lives. 

What do you most enjoy about teaching?

The chance to learn from residents and med students, and the collaborative nature of caring for a patient together.

What brought you to Montana?

We couldn't resist the call of the mountains!  The mountains and streams, and access to the outdoors are un-paralleled here in Missoula.  From my front door in downtown Missoula I can hike a mountain, trail run the hills or head out to the Wilderness boundary on my mountain bike!

Why did you choose to be part of the Family Medicine Residency of Western Montana?

Being a part of this new residency is amazing. The other faculty inspire me, thinking about the influence the future residents are going to have on the community blows me away, and the opportunity to spend time on scholarly activities is something I really enjoy. 

What are your interests outside the clinic or classroom?

Hiking, running, cross country skiing, floating the rivers, maintaining our small urban garden, enjoying the antics of my dog. 

What do you love about Western Montana?

Missoula is an outdoor paradise.  People here are kind and motivated to make our community better.  There is so much to do, even if the outdoors is not your calling- a great indy movie theater, local ice cream, an art museum, lots of history, the bison range, 2 National Parks in close proximity, the list goes on and on!

What’s your favorite:

  • Book? I love most anything by John Irving or Margaret Atwood. Growing up my favorite book of all time was All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot. I also really enjoy the authors Richard Ford, Barbara Kingsolver, and Zadie Smith, to name a few.
  • Album? No favorite, but I'm currently really enjoying the new Haim “Women in Music part 3” album. 
  • TV? I’m loving “Sex Education” on Netflix.