Reproductive Health Education In Family Medicine

Prinicple Investigator: Elizabeth Paddock, MD

Funding Organization: RHEDI, Reproductive Health Education In Family Medicine

Funding Amount: $235,820

Duration: 2018 - 2020

FMRWM is committed to providing residents with the training needed to serve rural communities, and to implement and sustain a full spectrum reproductive health curriculum including abortion training.  In order for interested residents to be fully competent in their family planning procedural skills, there is a need for more robust and longitudinal hands-on training. 

Blue Mountain Clinic (Missoula) is where R1 residents get a significant portion of their early gynecology training; in both procedural skills and management of common gyne issues.  Residents do participate in abortion care at BMC.  The current level of resident exposure and hands-on time is inadequate for competency. While residents are able to continue to grow the majority of their gynecology skills throughout the rest of their training they are not able to get additional training in abortion skills. 

FMRWM does not currently have a curriculum to help residents navigate taking the challenges of trying to introduce a potentially controversial practice into a practice setting where it is not currently offered.  With this grant application we are proposing creation of a “bridging to practice” curriculum to help with this.  While our focus is on abortion training the bridging to practice curriculum would be beneficial for many residents who are learning skills in transgendered care, Point of care Ultrasound, HIV/Hep C treatment, medication assisted therapy for opiate use disorder etc.

In Montana and the majority of the Rocky Mountain West abortion care is often far from where women live; women drive great distances in order to have an abortion.  Clearly there is a need to train more providers who will integrate abortion and other reproductive health services into their practice to serve the communities in the rural West.