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  • Buckner, M, Moody, VJ. Development of Stuttering Following a Sport Related Concussion in an 18 Year-Old Football Athlete: A Case Study
  • Davies, I, Moody, VJ. Descriptive Analysis of Elbow Varus Torque in Adolescent Pitchers Using Wearable Technology.
  • Davis, L, Moody, VJ. Prevalence of a Best-Practice Emergency Action Plan in Montana Class AA Secondary Schools
  • Turk, M, Moody, VJ. Qualities of Athletic Training Students that Collegiate Athletes Find Desirable
  • Wright, E, Moody, VJ. Examining Injury Trends in High School, Collegiate, and Professional Rodeo Athletes: A Systematic Review.
  • Keller, J, Moody, VJ. Exercises with the Greatest EMG Activation for Scapular Stabilizing Muscles: A Systematic Review
  • Feller, O, Moody, VJ. Timeline for Return to Play from Sport Related Concussion between Athletes with and without ADD/ADHD: A Critically Appraised Paper
  • Beal, S, Moody, VJ. Evaluating Acute Injury Occurrence on Artificial Turf (AT) vs. Natural Grass (NG): A Systematic Review
  • Powers, B, Moody, VJ. The Use of Functional Movement Screening as an Injury Prediction tool in Wildland Firefighters
  • Schieffert, S. Moody, VJ. Neurocognitive Test Scores on Athletes Diagnosed w/ADHD and their Return to Play Following Sport Related Concussion: A Systematic Review
  • Talmadge, T, Moody, VJ. Aggressive Osteoblastoma of the Acetabulum in an 18-year-old Female Volleyball Player: A Case Study
  • Heeren, T, Moody, VJ. Shoulder Strengthening Injury Prevention Regimen for Collegiate Quarterbacks: A Critically Appraised Paper
  • Manning, T, Moody, VJ. Parents’ Ability to Identify Concussion Symptoms in Youth Athletes: A Systematic Review
  • Jones, C, Moody, VJ. Attributes of a Certified Athletic Trainer Found Desirable by Collegiate Athlete’s.
  • Marlatt, C, Moody, VJ. Effect of Helmets in Reducing the Risk of Concussion in Football: A Systematic Review.
  • Lindsay, H, Gorchesky, T, Berglund, K, Williams, A, Moody, VJ. Effectiveness of light therapy on superficial healing following cupping induced ecchymosis: A pilot project.
  • Kroll, K, Davies, Z, Bonnevie, L, Moody, VJ. Exploring the Effects of Moist Heat Pack Application on Hamstring Flexibility: A pilot project.
  • Barton, M, McNamara, M, Mock, B, Moody, VJ. Comparing the Acute Effects of Cryostretching to Traditional Hold-Relax PNF Stretching on Hamstring Flexibility: A pilot project.

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