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The UM Solutions Center, launched January 17th, 2018, provides a centralized location for students, faculty, and staff to explore and request IT services, support, and knowledge. You can access the Solutions Center by going to

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CHPBS IT Services Catalog


Computer Access


Skaggs 214

The Skaggs 214 classroom includes 16 Apple iMac computers as well as 2 printers.

Skaggs 337

  • LED TV
    • For Apple TV, make sure that the LED TV input is set to HDMI3.
  • Apple TV
    • The Apple TV device allows you to share your portable device screen content to the LED TV in 337, without needing a video cable.  

When you connect to the Apple TV from your mobile device, a 4 digit code will present on the LED TV.  You will need to enter this code on your portable device in order to authorize your device to share content to the Apple TV.

Software Installation

Hardware Deployment

Software Troubleshooting

Hardware Troubleshooting

Fileserver access

New user account setup  - CHPBS

For new employees within the College, administration should submit the New Employee Setup form to CHPBS IT, once their status in Banner is active, in order for their appropriate accounts and access to be created.  Allow 24 hours for this to be complete. Contact the CHPBS IT Helpdesk with any questions.

New employee data form - CHPBS

New employees should complete this form, upon request, in order to provide contact information and request key access.

Email configuration - Central IT

University email is managed by Central IT, which provides its own helpdesk to support end-users within the University.  If you need extra assistance or if the Central IT helpdesk is not able to assist you with your email configuration or other email problems, please contact the CHPBS IT Helpdesk.

VPN remote network access Service (informational) and Support - Central IT

VPN service to provide remote access to the University of Montana data network is provided and managed by Central IT.  You can find additional information about this service and request access at the link above:

NetID Credentials - Central IT

Central IT manages the NetID authentication system for campus services.  To reset your NetID password or if you have other problems with your NetID credentials, please contact the Central IT helpdesk.  If the Central IT helpdesk is not able to resolve the problem or if you have other questions, contact the CHPBS IT Helpdesk.

UM Domain credentials - CHPBS

Central IT manages the UM domain (firstname.lastname) authentication system, though CHPBS IT is able to create new accounts and manage College users in this system.  If you need assistance with your UM domain credentials, contact the CHPBS IT Helpdesk.

Poster printing within the College

CHPBS Poster Printing - You will need to authenticate with your NetID to use this form.

Local alternatives

Printing and Graphics Services

Mansfield Library - printing services

Server Setup and Administration

On a case-by-case basis, CHPBS IT will deploy and administer servers for research, instructional, or service usage.  Contact the CHPBS IT Helpdesk for more information.

Storage Setup and Administration

If you need assistance with storage servcies, contact the CHPBS IT Helpdesk.  We can assist, advice, and implement storage solutions for research projects, instructional materials, services, and day-to-day business needs of the College.

Information Security

For information security questions or issues, related to a project, please contact Jonathan Neff, Director of College IT.

For questions about the the CHPBS videoconferencing service, please contact the CHPBS IT Helpdesk.  

NOTE:  In November 2015, CHPBS IT replaced the old Vidyo service with an alternate product.

CHPBS Videoconferencing Service

  • If you have a Blackboard Collaborate account, please log in to the Blackboard Collaborate scheduling interface (Firefox works best) at
  • The College is currently using Blackboard Collaborate as our videoconferencing solution.  For assistance in scheduling a meeting, please contact the Collaborate Manager in your CHPBS Unit.  For a list of Collaborate Managers across CHPBS, please visit our Collaborate Managers page.

CHPBS VideoCart

  • For conference rooms that do not have a camera system in place, the Videoconferencing Cart can be reserved for your meeting.  
  • The Videconferencing Cart must be scheduled in advance. Reservations are made through the CHPBS IT Heldpesk, using the CHPBS VideoCart Reservation Form.
  • If the videoconference is hosted elsewhere and we are joining an existing videoconference, please provide the connection information to CHPBS IT at least 72 hours prior to the reservation.
CHPBS has a Vimeo Plus subscription for use by the College.  Contact Jen Geist or Jonathan Neff for additional information.


Cascade is the Content Management System used by Central IT to publish the University and College websites.  All of the College sites are part of the Cascade system and each Unit within our College has appointed Cascade content editors to manage the site content.

Cascade Access (for website content managers)

In order to manage the website content in Cascade, you need to request access to Cascade and the site from Central IT Web Technology Services.  When requesting access, list Jonathan Neff, Director of College IT, as the sponsor.

Employee Database

The Employee Database is managed by Spectral Fusion and is the repository of information for individual people at the University, not just Faculty.  In the Employee Database, users can update their photo, office hours, publication record, research statement, etc.  


Central IT provides courses for learning the Cascade content management system.