CHPBS IT manages the Scantron services to College faculty, staff, and student.


This service is available to all CHPBS faculty, staff, and students.


The Scantron service is based on a self-service model.  This service is available 24x7, depending on physical access to the Scantron room.  


Instructions for using the Scantron Score are provided with the scoring machine itself.  

Instructions for transferring the scored data off of the scoring machine are provided in this Scantron Data Instructions PDF.

As an alternative to using the laptop provided at the Scantron station, you can download the Scantron ScoreIT software (Windows only) to your own computer.  You will follow the same procedures as outlined in the Scantron Data Insructions PDF, but would use your own computer.   

By default, only NetIDs are available on the scantron forms, not names.  Users are able to build a profile in the ScoreIT software to associate NetIDs to names if this would make grading and record-keeping more convenient.  For more information on this process, please see the instructions from the Scantron Support website.


CHPBS Faculty Staff Lounge - Skaggs 334


Currently, the UM Bookstore does not carry forms that are compatible with the Scantron Score scanner.  Units may purchase packages of forms directly from Scantron at the link below.  A package of 500 forms for this scanner costs approximately $60, depending on the type of form purchased.