New Employee Orientation


The NetID is a UM login credential that allows users to connect to many UM systems and applications with the same login username and password.  The NetID is automatically generated for all UM students and employees.  If you don't know your NetID, you can use the NetID lookup tool at

More information on the NetID is available at UM Solutions Center.

What is a NetID?


CyberBear is part of UM's administration information system and is a web application for viewing and updating data (registration, pay stubs, insurance benefits, transcripts, etc.)

Your current task in CyberBear is to update your alias to point to your official UM email mailbox, which is typically of the form If you don't yet know your official UM email mailbox address, you will need to contact your departmental administrative staff or your IT support.

Set your alias

To login to CyberBear, you will need your NetID credentials. Once authenticated to CyberBear, you will select Personal Information in the interface. For the purposes of this task, you will then select Manage Email Accounts. There are several other administrative options in this interface that you will want to review at a different time (home address, emergency contacts, etc.) In the Manage Email Accounts window, follow the instructions on the screen to enter your official UM email account as a destination for your alias.


Your administrative staff will start the process of establishing your official UM email account, typically of the form

Currently at UM, email authentication is different from NetID authentication, which means that you will have different credentials for your email account.   If you need assistance with your email credentials or your email client, contact the CHPBS IT Helpdesk.

IT Support

The CHPBS IT Helpdesk provides IT support to all of the academic, research and service units of the College of Health Professions and Biomedical Sciences. You can find the CHPBS IT Helpdesk in Skaggs 212/213. You can contact the CHPBS IT Helpdesk in a variety of ways:

CHPBS IT Services

In addition to our CHPBS IT Helpdesk services, our team facilitates coordination with other IT service units on campus. Essentially, if we can't solve the problem, we'll find the resource on campus that can solve the problem.

You can review most of our specific CHPBS IT Services on our CHPBS IT website. If you have questions about any of those services or need to inquire about a new service, please contact our CHPBS IT Helpdesk.

UM IT Services

UM provides a variety of IT services to employees, including those listed below. For a more complete list of IT services and information, visit the UM Solutions Center. The links below will direct you to the UM Solutions Center Knowledge Base article for each service. For direct access to each service below, please visit