Past Presentations

Funding received (2014-2015):

1. Agency: Montana Neursocience Institute 

    Title of Application: Effects of task complexity to Intermuscular (EMG-EMG) and Cortico-muscular (EEG-EMG) synchronization during the execution isometric contractions.

    PI(s): Alex Santos, Charles Leonard

2. Agency: University Grants Program

    Title of Application: Mechanisms of fatigue in chronic stroke.

    PI: Sambit Mohapatra

3. Agency:Montana University System

    Title of Application: Translational Science at the Neural Injury Center: Expanding Clinical Services, Establishing Diagnostic Testing, and Developing Novel Therapeutic Interventions for Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors

    PI(s) & CO-I(s): Sarj Patel, Tom Rau, Chuck Leonard, Alex Santos, Sambit Mohapatra, Alex Philp, Erik Guzik