The Motor Control Research Laboratory is located in Skaggs Building Room #021 and counts with a space of 678 sq. ft.  

Equipment in the laboratory includes:

  • EMG system dedicated to intramuscular and surface recordings;
  • Multiaxial force transducers  (ATI mod. nano-14);
  • Two-channel oscilloscopes ([1] Tektronix, type 422; [2] Hitachi model VC-6020);
  • Nerve Conduction Velocity units (TECA, Model B-2);
  • Somatosensory stimulator (Grass; model S10DSCM);
  • Uniaxial force transducers (Transducer technique load cells);
  • Myotonometers (Neurogenic Technologies, Inc; USA patent CT Leonard);
  • Computerized assisted motion robotic arm (Provisional Patent, CT Leonard);

Equipment added (Spring 2015):

  • Magstim Super RAPID PLUS 1 (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) System
  • Brainsight Neuronavigation System
  • Trigno Wireless EMG system
  • 4th generation subject chair with coil support arms
  • AMTI forceplate
  • CED Data acquisition system with Signal software
  • Force sensors (PCB Piezotronics)
  • Neuro Kinetics I-Portal VNG system