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Public health is fraught with ethical dilemmas. These dilemmas range from individual concerns such as the ethics of accepting a gift after providing services during a home visit to the broad ethical implications faced by public health organizations due to the current pandemic. Whether it’s receiving gifts, reporting organizational wrongdoing, advertising, or the vaccine delivery, the importance of thoughtful and guided ethical decision making in public health cannot be overstated. Ethical dilemmas in public health settings are a constant thus warranting the need for knowledgeable public health professionals and administrators that understand the ethical principles and values that should guide public health actions, both small and large. This training will provide participants with an interactive experience of learning and applying the key duties and responsibilities of public health professionals in difficult ethical dilemmas. Participants will leave the training with an ethical framework and other tools for improving their own decision making and engendering a stronger culture of ethics within their organizations.  

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the principles and values of ethical practice in public health
  • Identify ethical dilemmas in public health settings
  • Apply ethical frameworks to solve ethical dilemmas and analyze the implications of selecting one alternative over another
  • Promote and foster a culture of ethical decision making in one’s organization

Trainer Information

adam brewer

Adam Brewer

Professor Brewer is an assistant professor for the University of Montana’s Department of Public Administration and Policy. He teaches courses in Ethics, Human Resource Management, Performance Measurement, Policy Analysis, Legislation and in the program’s nonprofit minor. In his ethics course, he utilizes a praxis model of teaching in helping students learn to effectively apply theory to practice by exploring the implications of ethical decision making with the case study approach. His research interests are centered on issues in public human resource management including the role of free speech and social media in the public workplace and the role that ethics codes play in public organizations. He has published various articles on these topics among others in top-public administration journals. He also presents and provides trainings on issues of ethics and public policy at various conferences in Montana and around the U.S.