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4-hour Webinar

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Over the past eight months, the ambiguity and uncertainty created by the global pandemic have contributed to a drop in employee morale. Morale is suffering as employees try to navigate through a new normal in both their personal and professional lives. Personally, they may be having to constantly re-adjust new approaches in caregiving, school schedules, and the loss of daily activities and routines once taken for granted. In their workplace, they are faced with the challenges of role ambiguity, occupational stress, as well as interactions and communications fraught with fiction and even conflict, all while simultaneously processing survivor guilt associated with still having their jobs.

The content and approach of this webinar are designed to engage participants to begin to identify how they are navigating this new normal and to build camaraderie through activities and networking.

Learning Objectives:

  • Begin to articulate what they are experiencing in this moment of the pandemic.
  • Discover more about each other’s challenges and opportunities through a variety of ice breaker and group activities.
  • Identify what is within and without of the employees’ control, how to find the opportunities, and discuss ways to manage and reduce stress and improve their daily experience.
  • Collectively explore, generate and assess ideas to align opportunities focused on improving individual and team morale.

Trainer Information

stacy maloney

Stacy Maloney

Throughout her life, Stacy has participated in many unique leadership experiences, affording her opportunities to work with diverse populations from around the globe. She thrives on helping people identify and harness their strengths and seek opportunities that are at times at odds with the status quo. Her career path has led her from Eastern Wyoming, where she grew up, to Missoula, New Jersey, Grand Teton National Park, San Francisco, New York City and a few places in between. In 2015, she bought a home in Missoula, and now works remotely and splits time between Missoula and Lewistown, Montana.

 Stacy brings over 15 years of experience leading small business and corporate retail teams and driving business teams to her current role as Sr. Director of Change Management.  She draws on her experiences to help global teams mitigate business risks and individuals navigate through change during organizational transformations and systems implementations.