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The main office for the Center is located in Rm.115 of the Skaggs Building on the University of Montana Campus, just off the main lobby in the older section of the Skaggs Building.

Phone: 406-243-4017

Some comments from clients we’ve served

“I'll be honest, after five and a half years of doctors, counseling and treatment, this was the best experience I've had regarding my injury. We finally found some people who seem to understand what a TBI does physically and mentally to a person. But perhaps more importantly understand that there is real hard science behind the condition instead of the "soft" science of "here's what historically we've been taught about TBI." I'm anxious to get some feedback from the group and I'll definitely avail myself of any opportunity to learn about treating and addressing my challenges. Thanks for your understanding help, and please extend my gratitude to everyone on the team!”

“I went to the Neural Injury Center not knowing what to expect...actually expecting a waste of time. Anything but! Cindi and the doctor were so kind and attentive! I genuinely felt "cared for" and not just another "experiment". They tested me and answered the questions I went in with. I plan on going back and following up with some more involved examinations. Thank you to your team of professionals there at the Neural Injury Center!"

"Thank you for your time and compassion. I hope you are able to find enough qualified candidates for your studies, and bring some help to veterans. It is very noble work to be doing and for lots of us, just seeing that someone is trying is a huge step from what we are used to seeing from other healthcare systems.”

“The caring came through right away. The program is personal, yet professional. That meant a lot to me because a concussion is such a different kind of injury. Cindi helped me to figure out a course that seemed best and was comfortable for me too.”

“I want to thank you very much for the help the Neural Injury Center has given me. I really appreciate the regular follow-up and communication. If there’s anything I can ever help you with, let me know.”