Financial Aid & Scholarships

All pharmacy students are encouraged to compete for University loans and scholarships.  University application forms and Financial Aid forms (FAFSA) are available at the Financial Aid Office.  The FAFSA documents must be received by the College Scholarship Service in Illinois by March 1.  Aid will be processed as soon as the financial aid file is complete, so filing early is encouraged.

The deadline for applying for UM freshman and presidential scholarships is December 31.  A general scholarship program is available to UM undergraduate and transfer students alike with a deadline of February 1.  Some scholarships are based on need, and students are encouraged to file a needs analysis form to increase their scholarship opportunities.


Below is a list of some of the scholarships available to professional pharmacy students.  Each scholarship has its own provisions that the applicant must meet.

Academy of Past Presidents Scholarships

Roger E. Ackerly Scholarship

Albertsons Osco Scholarships

Alkire - Rutherford Scholarship

Arps & Fuller Working While Attending Pharmacy School Scholarship

Brian James Bachmeier Memorial Scholarship

Deane & Laurie Mutch Bell Scholarship

Arthur and Clare Carlson

-Pfizer Company Scholarship

-Warner Lambert Scholarship

Sidney J. Coffee Scholarships

Community Hospital of Anaconda

Nathan Dague Memorial Scholarship

Beda Mattson and Charles E. Eck Family Scholarship

Dean Forbes Scholarship

Fred Meyer Scholarships

Lyle and Shirley Glascock Scholarship in Pharmacy

Halko Scholarship

David Hartwig Pharmacy Scholarship

Kalispell Regional Medical Center Scholarship

Grace and John Lawler Pharmacy Scholarship

Betty Lohn Pharmacy Scholarship

Bob Martina Scholarships

Montana Pharmacy Association

-Bartlett Scholarship

-Bennett Scholarship

-Grants-In-Aid Scholarships

Frank and Marjorie Pettinato Honorary Scholarship in Pharmacy

Pharmacists Mutual Companies Scholarship

Poe Family Scholarships in Pharmacy

L.D. Polich Scholarship

Stanley Reinhaus Foundation Scholarships

Safeway Scholarships

Skaggs School of Pharmacy Scholarships

-Dr. Mark Buck

-Dr. Jay Fredrick Mouser

Carl J. Snyder Scholarship

Stoll Family Scholarship

William and Helen Sullivan Scholarship

Marcia Vollmer Pharmacy Scholarship

John Wailes Scholarship

Walgreens Scholarships

-C.R. Walgreen Excellence Scholarship

-Walgreens Diversity Scholarship

-Walgreens Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship

James Wedum Endowment Scholarships