Student expense information has been listed below. Students are encouraged to have funds on deposit in a Missoula bank for fees, board, room and other necessary expenses, and be able to write a check for the exact amount during registration periods. Foreign and Canadian checks are not accepted. Canadian money is discounted. Registration is not complete until all fees are paid and the course schedule and bill have been validated by a cashier.

Resident per year

Tuition/Fees  $7,869

Pharmacy Tuition Fee $7,440

Total Estimated Expenses $15,309

Non-Resident per year

Tuition/Fees  $29,772

Pharmacy Tuition Fee $7,440

Total Estimated Expenses $37,212

In addtion, starting AY 2022-2023, there is a $3,600/year P4 Experiential fee (during final year of PharmD program).

Please note: These figures do not include Room/Board expenses. We have tried to estimate the cost of Tuition/Fees and Books/Supplies. Figures are based actual 2021-22 expenses. The exact cost of Tuition/Fees and pharmacy program fee may not be available until Summer 2022.

Read more about our Out-of-State Tuition Academic Merit Award.


In addition to the usual University tuition and fees, students enrolled in the professional pharmacy curriculum are assessed a pharmacy tuition fee each year.  The fee appears on the bill in equal increments each semester.

Typically, students who are admitted with non-resident status will remain so for the duration of the professional program.