Professional Program Requirements

Candidates for Professional Degrees

Candidates must:

  1. Meet the general University requirements for graduation.
  2. Earn a grade-point average of 2.0 or higher in each of the following areas:
    • All courses attempted at The University of Montana (cumulative grade-point average).
    • All courses which carry a pharmacy (BMED or PHAR) prefix (pharmacy grade-point average).
    • All required courses in the professional program curriculum (professional grade-point average).
  3. The first two grade-point averages are University requirements and the third is a special requirement of the professional program.
  4. Required pharmacy course work must be completed with a grade of C- or better and at least a 2.0 grade-point average in all PHAR and BMED courses.
  5. Complete at least six full academic years (Pharm.D.), including pre-professional instruction, and a minimum of eight semesters of professional instruction as a full-time student registered for a minimum of twelve credits per semester.
  6. Complete at least 200 semester credits of work for a Pharm.D. degree.
students practicing immunization technique

Pharmacy Licensure

An applicant for licensure as a registered pharmacist in Montana must pass an examination administered by the Montana State Board of Pharmacy.  To qualify for the examination, the applicant must be of good moral character and have graduated from an accredited pharmacy program.  

The licensing exams consist of a one-day examination covering the practice of pharmacy and an examination on pharmacy law.  After successfully completing both licensing exams and all internship requirements, the graduate will receive a registered pharmacist's license.