Pre-pharmacy Advisors

Below is a list of pre-pharmacy advisors for current UM students.  If you are not attending UM and have a question about the pre-pharmacy program, please contact Erika Claxton at

Last Name
Advisor Office E-mail
A-B Sarah Miller SB 330
C-D, P-Q
David Shepherd SB 284
E-F, T Rory Johnson SB 353
G-J, U-Z
Jean Carter SB 333A
K-L Keith Parker SB 243
M Sherrill Brown SB 216
N-O, R

Darrell Jackson

SB 394
S Liz Putnam SB 395


The professional program faculty serve as academic advisors to help students with academic planning and registration.


Although faculty advisors are here to help, it is the student's responsibility to meet all academic and graduation requirements.