Pre-Professional Program


A high school graduate who fulfills the requirements for admission to UM may be admitted as a freshman with a pre-pharmacy major.  Specific high school courses are not required, but a good background is recommended in mathematics, chemistry, biology, physics, English, and communication skills.

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The courses required in the freshman and sophomore years (pre-professional curriculum) may be taken at any accredited college or university.  Please visit our Prerequisite Course Equivalents for a list of colleges and universities in Montana and surrounding states.


Students from any accredited college or university or from other programs at UM may transfer into the pre-professional program at the beginning of any term during their freshman or sophomore years.  Students who plan to apply for admission to the professional program are encouraged to declare pre-pharmacy as their major in order to receive appropriate academic advising.


All students who have satisfactorily completed the pre-professional requirements and wish to enter the professional program must apply for admission to the professional program through the School of Pharmacy.