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A Prescription for Success

NAPLEX Exam First Time Pass Rate 93%
Graduate Employment Rate 97%
2019 Residency Match Rate 79%
Avg. Entry-level Pharmacist Salary $126K

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A  Keeping your training Affordable
UM Skaggs School of Pharmacy awarded an average of $165,752*/year in scholarships from 2015-2018.
In-State Tuition & Fees
Out-of-State Tuition & Fees

In many instances the cost of attending Pharmacy School in Montana as an out-of-state student is less than their own in-state programs. It's something worth looking into.
$15,000 tuition reductions for eligible non-resident WUE applicants.

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UM, an exceptional place to Learn

Nationally recognized for its small class size (65) and low student:faculty ratio (≈ 7:1), UM's PharmD program ensures that each student is an engaged member of our learning community.


"Faculty make it their No. 1 priority to ensure that you understand the material and are prepared for clinical practice. The overall ambiance of the School of Pharmacy is unparalleled." -Matt Slagle, Class of 2016


Missoula, an exceptional place to Live


"Missoula, a place where people who could live anywhere choose to live." - Outside Magazine


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