Continuing Education FAQs

Q & A:

When will I receive my continuing education credits after completing a program?

Continuing education credits are typically uploaded to CPE Monitor within 60-days after successful completion of all requirements of a program.

Is it necessary to have an NABP eProfile ID number?

Yes.  All participants are required to have a NABP eProfile ID number and also submit their birthdate (mmdd) to receive continuing education credits.  To obtain a NABP eProfile ID number, click here.

I did not receive notification of the continuing education opportunities being offered.  How can I make sure I'm on the list?

Contact the Program Coordinator,, and request to be put on our email notification list.

Can I receive partial credit for a course if I can't stay for the entire program?

No.  You must attend the program in its entirety, and all other requirements, to earn continuing education credits for that program.  Each program will specifically state what the requirements are in order to earn continuing education credits.

I registered and paid for a program and unable to attend.  Can I request a refund?

Please refer to the individual program brochure posting for information, or contact the Program Coordinator or 406-243-4137.  Typically, we require notification seven-days prior to the event.

What does ACPE stand for?

ACPE is the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education, the national accrediting body for pharmacy education and pharmacy continuing professional education.  ACPE guides accredited providers by establishing quality criteria to be followed in planning, developing, and administering professional education for pharmacists.  ACPE accredits providers and evaluates their compliance with ACPE quality standards, and the quality of their educational activities on an ongoing basis.  ACPE approved programs are universally accepted by all state boards of pharmacy in the United States.  For more information on ACPE browse tthe website

How can I tell if a CE program is ACPE-approved?

Programs approved for ACPE credit by ACPE accredited providers exhibit the ACPE logo on the program brochure.  CE credit earned in programs exhibiting this logo is accepted for license renewal by all boards of pharmacy across the U.S.

What is the ACPE universal activity number (UAN)?

A Universal Activity Number is an identification number assigned to each new continuing pharmacy education program developed and sponsored, or co-sponsored, by an ACPE-accredited provider. Example: 035-999-06-001-L03-P.

Each ACPE approved program should exhibit this number in the brochure.  Unique numbers are assigned for separate program topics and program days within a conference.  Programs are categorized as "knowledge", "practice", or "application" based.

How can I verify my continuing education credits have been uploaded to CPE Monitor?

Simply go to the CPE Monitor website and click on the link to log in.  Once there, you can view your continuing education credits.  If you do not see all your continuing education credits you received through the Skaggs School of Pharmacy Continuing Education Office, contact the Program Assistant at,, or call, 406-243-4137.

What is continuing professional education (CPE)?

Continuing professional education for the profession of pharmacy is a structured educational activity designed or intended to support the continuing development of pharmacists and/or pharmacy technicians to maintain and enhance their competence.  Continuing pharmacy education (CPE) should promote problem-solving and critical thinking and be applicable to the practice of pharmacy.  CE Providers should ensure that CPE programs facilitate learning for pharmacists to develop and maintain proficiency in the following five core areas:

  • delivering patient-centered care,

  • working as part of interdisciplinary teams,

  • practicing evidence-based medicine,

  • focusing on quality improvement and

  • using information technology.

For further reading on this go to the ACPE complete definition:
Definition of Continuing Education for the Profession of Pharmacy

What is continuing professional development (CPD)?

Continuing Professional Development, commonly referred to as "CPD," is an approach to lifelong learning that is being explored in the United States.  One definition that has been offered for CPD is as follows:

"CPD is a self-directed, ongoing, systematic and outcomes-focused approach to learning and professional development."

For a greater understanding of the principles of CPD go to

How can I contact you with a specific question?

If you need to contact someone directly, please e-mail us at:  or call 406-243-4137.