Pharmacy Practice Faculty/Staff Directory

Jean Carter

MS, PharmD, PhD, Professor & Director of Academic Affairs and Assessment



Ph.D. Pharmacy Administration, The University of Arizona (1997)

M.S. Pharmacy Administration, The University of Arizona (1995)

Pharm.D., The University of Arizona (1993)

B.S. Pharmacy, The University of Montana (1979)

Courses Taught

Current Teaching (Course coordinator):

PHAR 311: Healthy People (Service Learning Projects)

PHAR 559: Public Health & Pharmacoeconomics

PHAR 589: Pharmacy Education (elective APPE rotation)

Guest lecturer:

PHAR 463: Pharmacy Practice Skills Lab

PUBH 550: Program Evaluation and Research Methods

Teaching Experience

PHAR 513: Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Reseach

PHAR 463: Pharmacy Practice Skills Lab

PHAR 557: Public Health in Pharmacy (Service Learning Projects)

PHAR 589: Pharmacy Education Clerkship (4-wk elective)

PUBH 550: Program Evaluation and Research Methods

Research Interests

Pharmacy education

Health Services Research - focus on measurement issues

Public health

Emergency Preparedness and All-Hazards Response

Field of Study

24. Pharmacy

Selected Publications

Hammer DP, Bynum LA, Carter JT, Hagemeier NE, Kennedy DR, Khansari P, Stamm P, Crabtree B. Commentary: Revisiting Faculty Citizenship.  AJPE May 2019, 83(4):469-473.

Lockwood A, Bolton N, Winton M, Carter J. Formalization of an Antimicrobial Stewardship Program in a Small Community Hospital. AJHP Sept 2017, 74 (17 Supplement 3) S52-S60; DOI:

Cochran BN, Flentje A, Heck NC, Van Den Bos J, Perlman D, Torres J, Valuck R, Carter J. Factors predicting development of opioid use disorders among individuals who receive an initial opioid prescription: Mathematical modeling using a database of commercially insured individuals. Drug and Alcohol Dependence 138 2014) 202-208. Available at URL: (Accessed June 11, 2014)

Laskin J.J., Gubler, C., Brown, B., Carter, J., Harger, S., Matteucci, L., McClaughry, A. & Gaskill, S. The Reliability and Validity of Diagnostic Ultrasound in the Assessment of Body Density. Polish Journal of Rehabilitation Research. 2012. 2(12) p 6-11.

Carter JT, Draugalis JR, Bruce S, Gonyeau M. “The Role of Curriculum Committees in Pharmacy Education.” Am J Pharm Educ. 2011;75(8): Article 154 (doi: 10.5688/ajpe758154)

Meissner B, Harrison D, Carter J, Borrego M. “Predicting the impact of Medicare Part D implementation on the pharmacy workforce.” Res. Soc. Admin. Pharm. 2006;2:315-328.





Professional Experience

Community and hospital pharmacist (1979-1997)