Advisory Board


The advisory board for the School of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Science is comprised of physical therapists and other key stakeholders. Members invited to serve represent diversity in personal and professional practice demographics across the region. Standing members include the Chair and Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education, School of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Science, and the President of the Montana Chapter, American Physical Therapy Association.

Member                                Location                     

  1. Lisa Grossman             Great Falls (chair)
  2. Jane O’Driscoll              Helena                        
  3. Gary Lusin                    Bozeman        
  4. Chris LePore                 Hayward, CA  
  5. Greg Salisbury              Missoula         
  6. Emily Herndon               Plains/Msla     
  7. Leah Versteegen          Missoula         
  8. John-Henry Anderson   Missoula (vice-chair)
  9. Steve Anderson            Seattle, WA
  10. Catherine Goodman     Missoula
  11. Steve Reischl                Long Beach, CA
  12. Reed Humphrey            Missoula
  13. Dave Levison                Missoula


The purpose of the board is to generally consider the established mission of the School, the degree to which we are meeting the mission and to facilitate appropriate discussion.  In addition, the board should be responsive to challenges and opportunities for physical therapists in the region and how the School of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Science might develop and implement strategies to improve the state of physical therapy and the health of their constituents.  This should include but not be limited to the recruitment and contemporary education of new therapists, the implementation of professional development opportunities, including clinical practice and research, and to fill unmet needs for physical therapists in the region. Identification of funding to sustain this mission is logically a role for the advisory board but not the central function.

Additionally, it is expected that the Board will serve as an external voice for the School in communication with the College and University administration.