Alumni & Clinical Instructor Awards

Alumni Achievement Award

The Physical Therapy Program periodically recognizes an alumnus who has made outstanding contributions to the physical therapy profession and The University of Montana.  This award has been presented to the following:

Jim McLean '90 of Frenchtown, Montana

Gary Lusin '81 of Bozeman, Montana

The University of Montana Physical Therapy Program is accepting nominations for the Physical Therapy Alumni Achievement Award.  The nominee must be a graduate of The University of Montana School of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Science.  A written nomination letter should address the contributions the nominee has made in the following areas:

  • The physical therapy profession
  • Health care delivery system
  • Community service
  • The University of Montana

Please submit written nominations outlining the attributes of the candidate to:

Dr. Beth Ikeda
The University of Montana
School of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Science
Skaggs Building, Room 135
Missoula, Montana 59812

Clinical Instructor of the Year

A substantial portion of each student's education at the University of Montana's Physical Therapy Program is acquired during clinical internships.  Without dedicated clinical instructor volunteers, physical therapy education would be dramatically reduced in quality and the skills of entry-level physical therapy clinicians would be diminished.  Each year, the School of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Science honors a clinical instructor who selflessly gave of their time and energy.  Clinical Instructors are nominated by physical therapy students who write a letter of nomination based on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrates enthusiasm and commitment to clinical education
  • Pursues opportunities to improve his or her clinical instruction skills
  • Creates a positive learning environment by being supportive of the students in all facets of the clinical internship experience
  • Is an excellent professional role model
  • Succeeds in motivating students to perform to their potential

Recipients of this award include:

  • Donna Aline of Helena, Montana
  • Jon Taylor '85 of Missoula, Montana
  • Kirby Halvorson of Sidney, Montana
  • Jim McLean '90 of Frenchtown, Montana
  • Barry Olson of Missoula, Montana
  • John Sveen of Bozeman, Montana
  • Karen Thorton of Great Falls, Montana