A 5% rebate for tuition to the transitional DPT program at The University of Montana is available for alumni of the School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science and for physical therapists that serve or offer to serve as Clinical Instructors for UMPT students.  If you wish to receive the rebate, we would ask that you work with your facility’s Center Coordinator of Clinical Education (CCCE) and volunteer to take a UM student at some point just prior or during the time you are taking the courses for the t-DPT.  If a student doesn’t opt for the internship slot you have offered, we would expect that you would continue offering a slot until we have matched a student with you. CCCEs that coordinate the placement of UMPT students to their facility are also eligible for this rebate.
Please contact Kathy Frantzreb at (406) 243-4027or if you have questions.

Maryland residents: Please click here to learn about our application with the Maryland Higher Education Commission, and policies specific to Maryland residents:

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