Prospective Students

We are pleased you are considering admission to the School of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Science at The University of Montana.  Presumably, you have taken the opportunity to read through the information we have provided about a career in physical therapy, choosing a school for your DPT and the DPT curriculum at UM, which includes information about our clinical education program.  If you have not yet taken that opportunity, we would strongly recommend you read through this information before entering the application process.

Students participating in the Biomech gait lab

To learn more about the process at UM, begin by reviewing the application requirements that include not just the pre-requisite courses but also important other components to the application. 

Part of our contract with students is a commitment to ensure that the cost of your education is wisely invested in the resources you will need to be successful.  We trust when you tour our web site or visit the facility at UM, you will take note of our investment in instructional technology and equipment that will help you become a contemporary physical therapist.  

In addition to the excellent classroom, research and teaching labs, UM operates a state-of-the-art physical therapy clinic and adaptive fitness center to reach patient/client populations that enhance your education and meet the needs of both campus and the Missoula community.  The UM Physical Therapy Clinic provides a variety of physical therapy services, and the New Directions Wellness Center provides assisted and adaptive exercise options for individuals with disabilities and chronic disease.

Please review your fiscal needs by clicking here to gain an understanding of the current costs of the program and available financial aid opportunities.

Our deadline for completed and submitted applications for the fall of 2018 is Monday, October 16, 2017. When you begin the application process you have the ability to save your work and return at any time to complete the application before submission for consideration.

Thanks again for considering the University of Montana; it is our pleasure to begin reviewing applications as soon as we receive them.