Faculty Expertise

The faculty of the School of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Science participates in a wide array of scholarly activities that may include case studies, surveys, clinical and applied human research, as well as many other possibilities.  Faculty are encouraged to engage in scholarly and research activities that meet their individual interests.  Students are engaged in faculty-mentored scholarly and research activities as part of theDPT curriculum.

Aside from the three established research labs in the School of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Science, faculty and students are engaged in a variety of other areas of research and scholarship.  Accessing each faculty member’s directory listing will provide you with more specific evidence of the direction of their work, but general areas of interest include:

Bell, Jennifer - Orthopedic practice, increasing access to PT services in rural/undeserved areas, improving physical therapy education in developing countries.

Kittelson, Andy - Shared decision-making, clinical informatics, and data science applications in physical therapy; improving the usefulness of data in routine practice.

Laskin, James - Applied exercise physiology; sports and recreation for people with physical disabilities; physical fitness for disabled populations; health promotion and secondary condition risk reduction.

Loyd, Brian - Neuroscience and management of peripheral and central vestibular dysfunction; His research aims to improve outcomes for patients with dizziness and balance dysfunction and improve methods of quantifying and monitoring community-based outcomes.

Mischke, Jake - Orthopedic and sports practice, clinical reasoning and mentoring, and post-professional education.

Mizner, Ryan - Orthopedic and sports practice, knee impairment, use of electrical stimulation in physical therapy, and work-related disorders of the upper extremity and spine.

Ostertag, Susan - Neurological rehabilitation, functional electrical stimulation, body weight support systems. Service learning. Translation of available evidence into the clinical practice of physical therapy.

Santasier, Anita - Qualitative researcher; areas of inquiry include the scholarship of teaching and learning and the patient/client experience in physical therapy.

Willy, Rich - Orthopedic and sports medicine management of the lower extremity; His research aims to develop clinically effective treatments for patellofemoral pain syndrome, Achilles tendon injuries and tibial stress fractures.