Throughout the world, people are in greater need of public health professionals than at any time since the beginning of the 20th century.  Public Health problems include infectious diseases, bioterrorism, environmental and toxic waste hazards, population health problems, and the affordability, accessibility, and quality of healthcare.

Our department aims to graduate practitioners who are competent to address the unique challenges resulting from the intersection of rural and global public health issues.


                              2018 School of Public and Community Sciences Graduates and Faculty


What Our Alumni Say About The Public Health Program

"As a nontraditional working student, the University of Montana’s Masters in Public Health program provided me with a flexible format and the opportunity to connect and meet faculty and classmates.  A highlight was my life-changing practicum experience where I traveled to Cambodia to assist a health officer with current and emerging global public health issues." -S. Hinz 

"The UM offers an excellent MPH online program!  Online programs can be challenging and impersonal, but the department is committed to your success as a student and the success of the program.  This makes the experience very personal, giving you a sense of contentedness the whole way through and even after you graduate." -R. Hovenkotter