The mission of the UM MPH program is to provide distance-based learning opportunities, supported by scholarship and service activities, to prepare public health practitioners who will use global insight to improve the health of the people of Montana and other rural areas.

We have the chance to build a new kind of cathedral...a virtual cathedral...dedicated to global health.  The tools, organization, and resources are improving.  Will the architects and builders, and managers, and laborers...be equal to the task?   - Dr. William Foege, Senior Fellow with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

What Our Graduate Students Say About The Public Health Program

"My experience at the University of Montana’s Master’s in Public Health program has completely surpassed any and all of my expectations." - E. Kottcamp-Allen 2015

"The Capstone Courses, in particular, provided opportunities for me to conduct valuable public health practice that contributed to the field and specific programs to improve provisions of services.  These opportunities were invaluable and the magnitude of the experience I received cannot be overstated." - R. Simon 2015

“The practicum was an incredible, life-changing experience.” - A. Glover 2015

"I absolutely consider the completion of the MPH program a step in furthering my ability to improve the health of every individual I interact with." - S. Birch 2014