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Hello! Hope you're all doing ok in the thick smoke! Wildfire smoke tends to bring the pollen counts down, and this week certainly showed that. Below are your average counts for the week of 8/10-8/17:

Trees: 6, Low (Predominantly Pine, also Alder)

Weeds: 7, Low (Predominantly Pigweed, also Aster and Plantago)

Grass: 0, Absent (Finally!)




Hello folks!
Below are your average pollen counts for the week of July 25-August 1. Next set counted on Thursday!

Trees: 6, Low (Pine and Linden)

Weeds: 1, Low (Pigweed, Sage, Dock)

Grass: 2, Low


Below are the average pollen counts for two of the last three weeks. The most recent week will be reported this weekend (the microscope slides are just now getting prepped).

Week of 7/18-7/25:

Trees: 13, Low (Predominantly Pine, also Juniper, and Linden)
Weeds: 2, Low (Pigweed)
Grass: 2, Low

Week of 7/11-7/18:

Trees: 30, Moderate (Predominantly Pine, also Juniper, and Linden)
Weeds: 6, Low (Pigweed, Sage, Dock, and Cattail)
Grass: 7, Moderate


I'm headed out of state for two weeks, so pollen counts will be delayed. I will be updating them when I return the first week of August! Thank you!


Hello! Below are your average pollen counts for the week of July 5-11. Note that those pesky grass grains are still appearing. They won't leave! We're seeing quite a few sage grains pop up now too. Our end of summer species are certainly starting early...

Trees: 50, Moderate (Predominantly Pine, also Linden, and one Juniper)

Weeds: 5, Low (Sage, Pigweed, Privet, Plantain, Daisy)

Grass: 23, High


Below are your average pollen counts for the week of 6/27-7/4:

Trees: 32, Moderate (Pine and Linden)

Weeds: 4, Low (Pigweed, Privet, Plantain)

Grass: 19, Moderate


Hello! Below are your average pollen counts for the week of 6/20-6/27. We must have had some strange updrafts occur, however, because we saw a LOT of ornamentals this week that aren't normal.

Trees: 108, High (Predominantly Pine also some Alder)

Weeds: 10, Moderate (Pigweed, Spirea, Privet, Rose, Rush, Plantain)

Grass: 38, High


Hello! It looks like our trees have finally simmered down a bit. Grass is still on a roll and today I was startled to find a ragweed grain. Hmm. Along with the pigweed grains we saw last week I'm nervous our end of Summer varieties are going to make their big debut early this year. Be prepared!

Below are your average pollen counts for the week of 6/13-6/20:

Trees: 69, Moderate (Predominantly Pine, also Alder, Willow and Oak)

Grass: 23, High

Weeds: 1, Low (Ragweed)


Hello folks! Happy Friday! Below are your average pollen counts for this last week. Though the rain helps keep some of the grains down, as soon as the rain stops the numbers jump back up. Grass is everywhere! And we've got a startling amount of pigweed grains we're seeing already. They are generally an August plant....

Trees: 92, High (Predominantly Pine, also seeing Alder, Oak and Willow)

Grass: 41, High (Achoo!)

Weeds: 3, Low (Pigweed)


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Archived counts can be found on the NAB site!

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