Kelli Lutz - Reserach Assistant III


What’s your education background? Degrees, Universities attended:

I began my college education my senior year of high school while attending Central Oregon Community College in Bend, Oregon. My focus was on outdoor education and Emergency Medicine. After my second year, I decided to take the next step and attended an EMT and Wilderness-EMT course through an outdoor school in Shasta, CA. After this training, I transferred to the university of Montana to get my degree in Parks, Tourism and Recreation. I graduated last spring and have been using my degree and EMS training since then.  


What brought you to Missoula?

I visited Montana as a child with my family and always loved it. After visiting UM on a college tour, I decided to call Montana my new home! 


As a staff member, what is your role? Expand as much as necessary:

I work on the Kids AIR study through the University where I visit homes and do health checks on Children. The study works with families who use wood stoves. Throughout the      winter, we monitor health and air quality in each home involved. 


How long have you been with the University of Montana and the SPCHS?

I began working with the study Fall of 2017. 


What has your previous employment or background done to prepare you for your current position?

 Having medical training has been very helpful with this job! I don't have much experience in Science but since working in this department I have learned a lot and enjoyed it so far! 


What’s your favorite aspect of your position at University of Montana?

My favorite part of this job has been working with the kids. They are always so excited to see you and enjoy your visit. 


When you’re not doing field work, researching, or attending meetings what’s your favorite activity/hobby?

When I am not working, my husband and I enjoy being outdoors and traveling!