Previous Applied Practice Experiences

Applied Practice Experiences - Fall 2021

Student Name

APE Academic Mentor

APE Site Mentor

APE Site Organization

APE Title

Shauna Wood

Leigh Taggart

Jenny Krapf, LPN

Glacier County Health Department

Mind, Body, Soul

Danial Power

Leigh Taggart

Xanna Burg, MPH

Kids Count Montana

Montana Children’s Health Dashboard

Julie Cahoon

Blakely Brown, PhD

D’Shane Barnett, Co-Principal Investigator

All Nations Health Center

Intimate Partner Violence Prevalence among American Indians in Missoula and Ravalli Counties


Alex Long

Leigh Taggart

Melissa Dale, MPH

Stepping On, Montana Falls Prevention Program, DPHHS

Fall Prevention Site Leader Improved Experience Initiative

Amy Palmer

Curtis Noonan, PhD

Rhonda Facile, BA, MS


Standardized Data Collection Instruments and Database for Commonly Collected Disease Registry Data

Alexis Olson

Leigh Taggart

Carolyn Pollari, MHA

One Health, Hardin, MT

School-based Health in a Frontier Setting

Chelsey Caldwell

Leigh Taggart

Maria McNeill Williams, NP

St. Joe’s Medical Center

Polson and Ronan, MT

Patient Satisfaction with a Montana iMAT Clinic


Applied Practice Experiences - Spring 2021

Student Name

APE Academic Mentor

APE Site Mentor

APE Site Organization

APE Title

Justan Baker

Sofia Newcomer

Rachel Hinnenkamp

Department of Public Health and Human Services

Helena, Montana

The Impact of COVID-19 on Reported Gastrointestinal Illness Incdence in Montana in 2020

Callie Morris

Sofia Newcomer

Lily Apedaile

Western Montana Area Health Education Center (AHEC)

Missoula, Montana

The Analysis of COVID-19 Data Trends on Campus, Data Analysis on Mask Adherence within the Missoula Community, and a Shor Proposal Outlining Future GrizHealth Post COVID-19

Haley Erickson

Annie Belcourt

Jacqueline Isaly

Department of Public Health and Human Services

Helena, Montana

Family Connects Homevisiting: A Universal Approach to Supporting Families

Lonnie Murphy

Curtis Noonan

Haley Blackburn

Skaggs School of Pharmacy, University of Montana

Missoula, Montana

Implementation of Bluetooth Enabled Glucose Meters in a Pharmacist Administered Diabetes Education and Self-Management Program

Jessica Kennedy-Stiffarm

Erin Semmens

Kim Larson

Hill County Health Department

Havre, Montana

Hill County Health Department Website: Deconstruction and Reconstruction

Mattea Grant

Kari Harris

Chelsea Kleinmeyer

Confederated Salish Kootenai Tribal Health

St. Ignatius, Montana

Growing Older Staying Stronger Project

Ryan Mulcahy

Annie Belcourt

Ray Rogers

NCHCI & Praxis

Praxis Simulation: Exploring the Benefits and Design of a Dedicated Medical Simulation Center

Abbie Phillip

Erin Semmens

William MacGregor

Citizens Technical Environmental Committee

Butte, Montana

Developing a Qualitative Data Collection Tool and Outreach for a Formative Evaluation of Health Communication Materials


Applied Practice Experiences - Fall 2020

Student Name

APE Academic Mentor

APE Site Mentor

APE Site Organization

APE Title

Nathan Munn

Erin Semmens

Karl Rosston

Department of Public Health and Human Services

Helena, Montana

Matching Montana suicide demographics with existing prevention programs and development of a program evaluation tool for current and future initiatives

Crystal Fortune

Kari Harris

Angela Dusko

Montana Public Health Laboratory

Montana Newborn Screening and Follow-Up Program

Holly Jordt

Tony Ward

Heather Murray

Flathead City-County Health Department

Orienting Your New Board of Health Member

B-Rad Applegate

Annie Sondag

David Herrera

Gay Health Task Force

United we Stand, Community Partners in Public Health

Sarah Stafford

Erin Semmens 

Teresa Prine 

Primary Therapy Source 

Twin Falls, ID

Evaluation of Concussion Management Protocols in the School System 

Erica McMurray

Annie Belcourt

Melissa Henderson

Healthy By Design

Healthy Neighborhoods Work Group

Katie Smith

Tony Ward

Becky Sprunger

Action Inc.

Butte, MT

Action Inc. Outreach Tools Development for New Youth Homelessness Demonstration Programs.

Hannah Porch 

Kimber McKay

Mary Dickson 

Community Medical Center

CMC Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative Annual Quality Improvement Project 


Applied Practice Experiences - Spring 2020

Student Name

APE Academic Mentor

APE Site Mentor

APE Site Organization

APE Title

Sara McClure Cox 

Dr. Semmens

Bonnie Stephens M.D.

Community Medical Center-Missoula

RN perceptions of a practice change to the Eat Sleep Console Model for the care of infants with the diagnosis of Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome

Lacy Little

Dr. Semmens

Kathryn Girard MHS, RD


Food Insecurity in Montana and How WIC Helps

Sara Jestrab

Dr. Newcomer

Colleen Morris

Missoula City-County Health Department

Immunization Coalition-Building in Western Montana

Amy Surbrugg

Dr. Newcomer

Bekki Wehner 

DPHHS Immunization Program

Immunization Services at Montana Public Health Departments

Seth Cornell

Dr. Semmens

Laura Williamson, MPH

DPHHS Office of Epidemiology and Scientific Support

APE Interrupted: Act 1 - Perinatal Vital Statistics in Butte-Silver Bow.  Act 2 - COVID-19 Public Health Posters

Logan Smith

Dr. Noonan

Cheryl Cohen

Montana Department of Commerce

Montana Medicaid Innovation Accelerator Program: A Journey through Data, Policy and Stakeholder Engagement 

Joshua Brown

Dr. Brown

Nora Frank-Buckerner, MPH 

Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board

WEAVE-NW Food Sovereignty Project Manager

Kathi Hooper

Dr. Ward

Kris Newgard

Kootenai Climate Group

Kootenai Climate Group: Climate Matters

Ashley Hilliard

Dr. Sondag

Carly Holman

Center for Children, Families, and Workforce Development

Let’s Bridge Montana: A Web-Based Interactive Community Resource Guide for Western Montana

Lisa Dworak

Drs. Barsky and Harris

Lisa Beczkiewicz

Missoula City-County Health Department 

A Representative Workforce Builds a Healthier Missoula

Kevin Barajas

Dr. Ward

Eileen Boyd

Disneyland Resort

Occupational Health and Safety in Disneyland and COVID-19 business guidelines