BSW Agency Selection and Interviewing

After attending a mandatory Field Education Orientation, all students work closely with the Director of Field Education, Kat Werner, or the Assistant Director of Field Education, Katie Karas, to identify a setting that best meets the students' needs and interests. Students collaborate with Field Faculty to ensure successful agency and interviewing. Students do not have to know where they wish to do their practicum when they apply with the Field Program.

Students are offered a variety of avenues to learn about available practicum opportunities and agencies, including field events such as the annual practicum fair and a student panel discussion, and online resources and search tools like Sonia, the practicum software program and the Practicum Agency Description list on the School website. If there is interest in a new agency that is not listed anywhere, students need to inquire with Field Faculty to gain approval first.

Students are encouraged to interview with two to three agencies before confirming a practicum site. Field Education Faculty can advise students on matters related to professional agency outreach and interviewing. Following the interview(s), students confirm their placement with the Field Education Program.

Selecting a Practicum Site