Practicum: Social work education in practice

Practicum gives students the invaluable opportunity to engage in social work practice in a supportive learning environment. Social work faculty partner with Agency Field Instructors (practicum supervisors) to support students in their development as professional social workers. 

Practicum offers students opportunities to:

  • Integrate classroom experience with practice
  • Develop professional self-awareness and accountability
  • Practice social work skills and theories
  • Exercise ethical decision making in the context of social work values. 

Bachelor students majoring in social work spend 450 hours working directly in the field – an average of 15 hour/week over two semesters. Proactive planning ensures students get the most out of their field experience. The Field Education portion of the Student Handbook provides the essential information and forms. Students can bring any questions or concerns about the process to the Director of Field Education (Kat Werner) or Assistant Director of Field Education (Katie Karas).

Voices from the Field: Reflections of students, alumni and supervisors