Amy Capolupo - Agency Field Instructor

Amy Capolupo

Interview Questions

Title: Director, University of Montana Disability Services and '05 graudate of UofM's Master’s in Social Work program

What do you appreciate most about supervising practicum students?
I love it that practicum students are willing to learn everything they can when they work at our center. I appreciate their willingness to explore how they can best fit into our office’s structure and also lift the limits of our work to greater heights.

One learning you hope your practicum students will take with them into their careers?
I hope that all the students, who come to work with us, learn more about their own strengths and weaknesses, and leave here with a better understanding of what they want long-term out of a career in social work. I have conversations with students about their goals for their time with Disability Services, but I also hope to support them in the planning of their future careers. 

What does being a “social worker” mean to you?
In my role as the Director of Disability Services, I need to have a broad view of the resources available in our community and an understanding of the relevant laws affecting students with disabilities. I also need to be able to focus on an individual case and provide access for that particular student at this university when these cases occur on my watch.

How do you see your practice as a social worker relating to your role as supervisor?
I see it as a very natural fit. We take students through the “Just Practice Framework” during their time with us – asking them to investigate their own context, power, meaning and history and understand how it relates to the work we do and the impact they hope to make in the world.

Words of wisdom?
For students looking for a practicum, I would recommend you seek out a supervisor who wants to invest in you as much as you want to invest in the organization.