Emily Dillow - BSW Agency Field Instructor

Emily Dillow

Interview Questions

Title: Social Work Case Manager, Home & Community Based Services- Community Medical Center

Education: Masters of Social Work, University of Montana 2011

What do you appreciate most about supervising practicum students?
There are so many reasons why I love being a supervisor! I appreciate the enthusiasm and energy students bring, the questions they ask, and greatly appreciate their contributions to expanding and enhancing our program and the work we do at Home & Community Based Services.

What does being a social work mean to you?
That’s a big question and hard to sum up in a few short sentences, but I’ll give it try: Social work, to me, is being an active participant in the process of creating positive change and social justice for all of those in our local and global community.

How does your role as a social worker relate to your role as a supervisor?
As a social worker, I see it as my responsibility to foster continued growth in our field by mentoring up-and-coming social workers who will be working with us, side-by-side, in the future. 

What skill/ability/point of view do you hope your practicum students take with them to their careers?
Home & Community Based Services provides an opportunity for students to learn so many systems, discover assorted community resources, and work with a diverse population of community members. My hope is that they can discover new career paths within social work, are able to identify their personal strengths and areas of further growth, and develop skills to further empower individuals and communities to enhance their holistic health and wellness.

Do you have any words of wisdom or final thoughts?
Don’t forget to continue asking questions, seek out new opportunities, and practice positive self-care.