Kim Tatsey-McKay - Alumni and Agency Field Instructor

Kim Tatsey

Interview Questions

Title: Director of the Good Medicine Programin in Browning Public Schools and '13 graduate of the University of Montana MSW program

Where were your practicum placements?
My first year, I was in the CSCT program at Cold Spring School, where I assisted the therapist and provided classroom support. I did my second year with Child Care Resources, working with the Director, Kelly Rosenleaf on legislative issues and advocating for additional child care funding.

How did your practicum experience prepare you for the field?
My first practicum experience was really helpful, because I got to see how the therapist worked with students and adjusted her approach to meet their needs. I also got to create and run an effective friendship group. That work directly relates to my current job. Through Child Care Resources and my relationship with Kelly, I learned leadership skills. Because of that experience, when the job of director of my program came up, I wasn’t so afraid of it.

How does your past experience as a student inform how you supervise students today?
I reflect back on it a lot. Currently, I supervise four BSWs. I take the support that was most helpful for me and apply that to supervision. I want to give students clear expectations of what they will be learning and want them to be clear with what they expect from me. I am excited about the 2+2 online program, as it allows me to provide support to the program from afar. And I am grateful for the practicum students, because we wouldn’t be able to do all that we do without them.

What advice would you give to a student looking for a rewarding practicumexperience?
I think it is important to make sure you look for something you have a real interest in and an experience that will challenge you.