Admission BSW 2+2 Program

Admission to the BSW 2+2 Program is every odd year with the next cohort starting fall of 2019.  The program occurs over four academic semesters (fall/spring) for two years. The application due date is April 12, 2019. Before applying for the 2+2 Distance Learning Program, applicants should have met with their community or tribal college academic advisor or have attended 2019 spring advising sessions with a UM faculty member. Dates for advising with a UM Faculty member will be scheduled with each collaborating community or tribal college March-April, 2019.

2+2 Application Steps:
  1. Refer to the Advising Sheet to review program requirements and assess readiness to apply.
  2. Apply to UM for general admission, declaring Social Work as your major. This makes your offical transcripts available to support your BSW application.
  3. Attend advising sessions as scheduled at your community campus, the March 2019 AIHEC Conference, and/or reach out to Deanna Cooper or Paige Furniss with questions.
  4. Complete the BSW Application and return by April 12, 2019, to Paige Furniss via email, or mail:
    • UM School of Social Work
      Paige Furniss
      32 Campus Dr, JRH 004
      Missoula, MT 59812
  5. Seek academic evaluation rankings from two faculty or social work aligned professionals familiar with your academic or human services aligned skills. Provide the Academic Evaluation Form link to your references. Evaluations will be sent directly to our 2+2 Admissions office through this link.

Note: Applications are due by April 12, 2019. Grades for Spring or Summer semesters, 2019, will need to be forwarded as soon as they are available for final admission consideration. Be sure to note classes that will be completed during these semesters on your application.

Campus visits are encouraged! Let us know if you plan on a visit so we can schedule time to meet with your and connect you with resources to support your application process.

Learn more about the BSW 2+2 Program by exploring the pages of this web site or calling 406.243.5554.